Business Partners & Principals

In order to specialize in these rapid growing markets, the company has also forged strategic alliances partnerships with various international principals and business partners to offer the clients a wider scope of capabilities. Among them are:

Abel Construction S.r.l specializing in supplying complete prefabricated solutions of skids, modules and packages ware suitable for processing, treating & fiscal measuring of gases & liquids applications.

Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software.

Galli&Cassina is a prominent Italian Company, leader in design and manufacturing a complete range of Plug valves. G&C than started With a massive Plug Valves production to serve the Oil & Gas worldwide market becoming one of the most significant supplier for all International Oil & Gas companies across the world.

The Fantinelli firm was founded in Milan in 1878 by Diomiro Fantinelli, who was the first in Italy to produce pressure gauges. Fantinelli S.r.l. are dealing with pressure and temperature measurement business.

The FB Group provides customers worldwide with complete modules, process packages, piping systems, sub-sea structures and various types of equipment.

Flei S.r.l is an Italian firm specialized in special cables manufacture and production of Instrumentation Cables, Power Cables, Thermocouple and Fire Resistant cables.

Inoven Engineering Solutions Ltd provides solutions, technologies with philosophies result in simplified, developed by merging the best available engineering solutions with their proprietary technologies.

Novacavi provides expertise in designing and manufacturing in-house high performance advanced cables for an exceptional variety of demanding applications in custom lengths to their worldwide customers.

Termotech S.r.l is an Italian company and founded in 1990, Termotech specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical temperature transducers such as thermocouples and resistance thermometers.