Production & Processing

Dakota in the business of providing engineered products, solutions and services to the Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical, Pipeline, Power, Mining and other related industries.

We offer a well-proven wide range of reliable products, systems and services from world renowned Principals to the client  for wider scope of capabilities

Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator Package include: air compressor, air dryer, air filter and nitrogen generator, nitrogen filter etc. Our experienced principal undertake a variety of special process design and professional equipment selection to meet the special needs and working condition, such as: adopting modularization and mounted design.

Chemical Injection

Chemical Injection Packages are widely applied to the injection and metering of the Demulsify, Methanol, Odorant, antifoam coagulation aid, viscosity reducing, corrosion inhibitor, bactericide and scale-inhibitor in the oilfields oil & gas gathering system, crude oil export pipeline and water processing system.

Fuel Gas Skid

Enhance fuel gas quality by eliminating condensate, filtering particulates, regulating pressure and controlling the temperature. For removal of the liquid droplets and solid contaminants from the gas various styles of filter elements can be used in the pressure vessels. The liquid contaminants are collected in a sump and automatically drained from the system for easy operations.

Instrument Air Compressor

The Instrument Air Compressor Packages are a variety of especially process designed and profession equipments components selection for operations in harsh environments. The air compressor package consists of a complete skid mounted lubricated or oil free compressor.

Gas Conditioning Skid

A Gas Conditioning Skid is designed to pre-treat natural gas prior to injecting into a critical process or a Gas Turbine. Fuel Gas Conditioning systems are also frequently used to process and treat wellhead gas prior to transmission and distribution.

Test Separator

Test Separator Packages are used for production testing of individual wells. Test Separator package can be designed, manufactured and delivered in accordance with the relevant sections of the International Codes, Standards, Regulations and easily adjusted with client requirement.

Filter Separator

The purpose of Filter Separator is to remove all contaminants that are entrained or being carried by the incoming natural gas system. These contaminants, such as: Oil, salt Water, Scale and/or Sand, can contaminate the gas dehydration system and can damage the Natural Gas Compressor.

Sand Removal Systems

Desanding Skids or Desander Packages are designed to remove sand deposited in oil & gas equipment (production separators, inlet separators, crude oil dehydrators, etc.) without interrupting operation.

Increased sand content in the produced oil & gas stream is usually the result of reduced wellhead pressure to increase production. Sand accumulated in the separation vessel is automatically dumped into a sand receiver for disposal.

Liquid & Gas Metering

We design to our customer’s specifications and offer our experience and advice to customize systems specific to any application.

Dakota is a complete systems provider offering the most comprehensive and trusted portfolio of measurement solutions in the oil and gas industry. Our products and our integrated systems are engineered to handle the diverse measurement, monitoring and sampling requirements of the most prestigious companies.

Glycol Dehydration Unit

Glycol Dehydration Unit is a reliable, efficient system for removing water from natural gas well streams in order to meet typical pipeline and process specifications. Multiple stages of removal are contained on a single skid-mounted unit, giving you a wide range of options and flexibility to configure the system to your specific application.

Water Bath Heaters

Water bath heaters have an established history of successful application in the oil and gas industry. They are used in a variety of operations; from heating of natural gas to the heating of crude. Water bath heaters are commonly used in applications where the required outlet process temperature does not exceed 87 ˚C.

Produced Water Treatment

Dakota offers a variety of technologies for produced water treatment as well as the expertise to determine the best solution for each application. Depending on the water characteristics, required treated water quality, and discharge requirements, our principal will provide a systems are custom-designed to meet the unique needs at each project site.

Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Dakota specializes in reverse osmosis desalination systems. Our RO product lines offer clients quality & reliability, flexibility in configuration, a competitive price point, and a short lead time. We offers the Commercial Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas market and we also offer larger RO systems for land based applications, including a 132,000 GPD system and a 264,000 GPD system.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Dakota provide bespoke portable sewage treatment plants, each installation is tailored to specific site requirements and local climatic conditions and Dakota’s experienced in-house engineers work closely with clients to make sure all requirements are met.

Gas Coalescer Package

Gas Coalescer Package is designed for removing aerosol mists from gas streams. Utilizing standard design that meet most customer requirements, it removes solid particle and liquid droplets from gas streams. Commonly, it designed with the inlet in lower portion of the vessel and the outlet in the upper portion. The gas moves in an upward direction. Clean gas exits through the outlet and the coalesced liquid drains through the liquid drain of the vessel.

Liquid Coalescer Package

Liquid coalescers are an integral part of natural gas well stream systems, providing precision filtration and separation during processing. They are used for oil and water separation, aqueous solution removal, and 3 phase separation. Using cartridge filters, they generally remove liquid contaminants and particles greater than 0.3 microns from the natural gas stream.

H2S Removal Systems

Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S, a highly corrosive gas, commonly found in natural gas, can cause corrosion in gas engines or turbines (if used as fuel) and gas transmission lines. H2S has to be removed before the gas can be used as fuel or sent to the gas pipeline.

CO2 Removal Systems

Dakota works closely with our associates to develop the CO2 removal systems using membrane technology. It will help to remove CO2 & Water vapour from the feed gas. The membrane system is a tried and accepted natural gas treating technology with the distinct advantages in a variety of processing applications.

Mercury Removal Unit

To cost-effectively address the critical issue of mercury removal from natural gas and associated gas liquids, Dakota offers state-of-the-art adsorbent technology for a variety of applications in a skid-mounted, modular unit.  These turn-key units offer significant cost, schedule, and quality of construction advantages for the gas processing operator.

Pig Launcher / Receiver

Dakota supplied Pipeline Pig Launchers and Receivers are custom engineered products that meet customer, environmental and industry standards. The Pig Launcher / Receiver is built for ease of operation and longevity of service and can be offered with multiple options. Dakota will supply the ultimate design that meets with your technical and commercial requirements.

Flare Systems

Dakota offers one of the broadest offerings of custom and standard flare systems in the industry. Our principal design, manufacture, install and service flare systems for all onshore and offshore flares, ground flares, liquid burners, ignition systems and pilots for upstream, midstream and downstream clients.

Slug Catcher Package

A slug catcher is a vessel with sufficient buffer volume to store the largest slugs expected from the upstream system. The slug catcher is located between the outlet of the pipeline and the processing equipment. The buffered liquids can be drained to the processing equipment at a much slower rate to prevent overloading the system. As slugs are a periodical phenomenon, the slug catcher should be emptied before the next slug arrives.